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    What sets us apart from the "Big Corporation" online stores is that we only sell what we want our selfs and we prefer quality to quantity.
    It applies to everything: bicycles, components, clothes & accessories for both you and your bike.


    Spurcycle Compact Bell - Black
    Spurcycle Compact is, as the name, implies a compact bell…
    Spurcycle Original Bell - Raw
    Spurcycle Original is a made in USA bell with a…
    Spurcycle Original Bell - Black
    Spurcycle Original is a made in USA bell with a…
    Genesis Fugio 30 - 2021
    Genesis Fugio 30 - 2021
    With bigger volume tyres on smaller wheels the Genesis Fugio…
    Velox Tressostar Cotton Tape (Pair)
    Velox Tressostar Cotton Tape (Pair)
    Velox Tressostar Cotton Tape gives a classic look to your…
     Juice Lubes The Scrubber From Another Mother
    Juice Lubes The Scrubber From Another Mother is a handy…

    Welcome to Urban Bike Wear® Scandinavia's leading cycling lifestyle store.

    UrbanBikeWear.com started 2013 as a webshop using Johan's living room as warehouse with a smaller selection of bicycle clothes and bicycle commuting bags. Today we have a wide range of bicycle apparel from Chrome Industry, Swrve, Bagaboo, Waltz Caps, PEdALED, etc. Brands that are known around the globe for their quality and are used by demanding cyclists all over the world. We also have a focus on Gravel and Bike Packing, a segment we like ourselves and we are more than happy to help you find the right bike, bags or equipment for your bike packing adventure.

    When we opened our bike shop “Urban Bike Wear & The Mechanics” in 2015, we started importing brands like: Cinelli, Genesis bikes, Schindelhauer, Bombtrack, Surly, Salsa etc., bike manufacturers that shares our attitude regarding quality but also their focus on making cycling fun. At Tjärhovsgatan 14 we also got more space, so we started importing Chris King, Runwell, Vison, Nitto, HED wheels, Apidura bags and Restrap and other more niche brands that we felt were missing on the Scandinavian market. In our workshop we custom build bikes and will be happy to help you out finding your bike components or building your dream bike.

    Just give us a call +46 8-533 327 05 or send us a mail info@urbanbikewear.com if you ́re looking for something that we don’t have online.